These are the most common questions and answers. If you don’t find your questions send us a message or talk with our agent through the chat box.

Your profile is connected to our consultants. After you wright your post, the message will be delivered to our team. They will translate and adapt the message to the local culture and will add hot Chinese hashtags related to the topic. Then the system will send the post translated to the real social network. Easy!

Not at all! our native Chinese team with more than 5 years of experience, will translate and adapt the publication. As well as that, they will add hot-hashtags related to the topic in order to gain more exposure.

Yes, we can adapt designs and videos to the local culture or to the social network, (for example the Chinese style for Douyin videos). Please contact our help-desk for a quotation.

You can publish all the different content you have: text, image and video

It is very easy, write the post, add from your computer the multimedia content and that’s it!

Depending on the social networks we will recommend a specific type of content. Please ask our Help-desk for advice.

We will sign up for you in case you buy the 20 or more post package.

In case you want to try with one post package only, contact us and our Help-desk will guide you to sign up in the social network.

Our packages for WeChat work only with individual accounts. The main reason is that it is the only version that allows you to publish all the content you want.

However if you are looking for Publications in Service or Subscription accounts, contact our Help-desk to adapt the package to your needs.

Weibo it is a mix between Facebook and Twitter. It is an open social network. It means that your publications could be seen by all the users ( 462 million monthly active users)

Being one of the largest information sharing platforms in China, Weibo not only attracts ordinary users but also representatives from different sectors, such as celebrities, media, government authorities, and corporations.

Besides, it is heavily used for trend-spotting and by the entertainment industry with lots of celebrities, famous bloggers and KOLs on the platform.

It’s an effective marketing tool for businesses to deploy advertising strategies and boost their presence in the China market.

Many international companies have registered for Weibo official accounts to promote their brands in China, such as L’OrealPro, Coca-Cola and The Australian Tourism Board.

Douyin (the Chinese version of Tik Tok) it is one of the biggest app in the Chinese short video industry.
Douyin is very popular among young Chinese consumers; hence millennials and Gen Z are the key users of this app. 59.1% of users are between the ages of 24 and 40, and the number of users under the age of 24 is approximately 25%. Thus, Douyin, or TikTok marketing in China represents a great opportunity for various brands as millennials and Gen Z emerge as the largest consumer groups.
Douyin gives many opportunities for all industries

XiaoHongShu (小红书) provides an all-in-one platform with both social media and e-commerce functions for its China users. It began as an app for users to submit reviews and share overseas shopping tips with other users.
With a focus on beauty and fashion, it acts a platform for people to post and share shopping tips, product reviews and lifestyle stories (in the form of pictures, videos and text). The platform has developed into a trusted source for advice and recommendations from other users and like-minded people. It has successfully created a thriving community user interactions/engagement, careful curation, and authentic information sharing.

What makes XiaoHongShu so special for marketers? Young, High-Purchasing Power Demographic
According to its official website, XiaoHongShu has reached 200 million registered users as of Jan 2019, with those born in the post-90s and post-95s as the most active users. From statistics gathered by IResearch statistics, over 50% of users were under 30 years old, while more than 80% of them are female.

The app’s user-generated content led to the emergence of several Key-Opinion Leaders (KOLs) becoming active on the platform. Similar to KOLs (Influencers) on Instagram, most of them share useful tips and interesting content about beauty and lifestyle.

WeChat began life as a basic messaging app focused on text messages. Then, it added phone and video calling capabilities. Then, it began to expand into areas that had previously not been associated with simple messaging apps, like pages for photos, linking, liking, commenting and updates. It started to become a social network.

WeChat it is a closed social network, so your publications will be seen only by your contacts.

Therefore WeChat focused on personal communications.

Individual accounts have a profile where publishing content like Facebook, called “moments”. As soon as you have a list of contact you will be able to make very effective campaigns through this section, and there is no limitation for numbers of publications.

Of course you can. Contact our help-desk for quotation.

There is a chance to publish your content through some of our Micro-influencers accounts partnerships. Please contact us for further information.